Friday, December 23, 2011

FlySky FS-TH9X LED mod

LED next to the "Y" in "SKY"
I have been having some trouble getting my radio to bind with the receiver.  During the process, you need to be able to see the status of a red LED inside the RX case.  Although the case is translucent, the top of the case is covered with a decal.  So to see the LED you need to look through the sides of the case.  It is difficult to see and very inconvenient, especially if the RX is already installed in something.  Since I have been trying to bind my radio over and over for the past few days, that little light was starting to tick me off.  So I looked through the sides, guestimated where the LED was in the case, and cut a window through the decal.  Much better!  The LED now appears nice and bright and I don't have to contort to see it.

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