Monday, January 16, 2012

Knife Throwing Target

For some strange reason, I've always wanted to learn how to throw knives.  Unless you have aspirations for the circus, it is a completely useless skill.  (Seems I have a penchant for useless skills.)  So I purchased a set of Gil Hibben competition throwing knives many months ago.  Well you can't do much with throwing knives unless you have something to throw them at.  Any wood will do, 2x4's, plywood; but tree sections are ideal.  A friend of mine gave me a beautiful 36" diameter piece from a fallen tree.  I assembled the stand from scrap wood I had laying around.  I screwed a pair of eyebolts into the stump and the top of the support.  Spring links join the eyebolts together.  On a side note, the three knives stuck in the target were the fourth, fifth and sixth throws of my life.  Must have been beginners luck as the next three throws all bounced off the target.  After that, the 25 degree weather chased me inside.  Can't wait for a warmer day to try again.