Tuesday, October 14, 2014

High Standard Recoil Pad

new recoil pad installed

The original recoil pad on this High Standard Flite King shotgun was dry rotted and rock hard. It made for some pretty uncomfortable shooting. I could not find a High Standard replacement piece, so I ordered a Pachmayr #325 Deluxe Skeet replacement pad. It's not an exact match but the Pachmayr pad resembles the original.

original recoil pad

The details of the installation are the same as in this post. This time however, I remembered to follow the angle of the toe line on the stock. This pad was a little tricky to install because the vertical lines on the pad exaggerate any uneven sanding on the pad. The pad will look off-center unless each side of the pad is shaped exactly the same.

vertical lines require careful shaping

proper toe angle

The fit came out nearly perfect, nice and flush to the stock. The Pachmayr pad is nice and soft, recoil will not be an issue. This shotgun is ready to return to the field.

pad is even with stock

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