Friday, November 22, 2013

Laser Cut Company Emblem

Laser cut acrylic emblem

I am starting to make a few things to sell.  I want to brand the items with my company logo (They are mosquito claws, fyi).  Originally I wanted to have some hard enamel badges made.  The price per badge isn't too bad (about $2.50), but most places require minimum orders of 100 pieces; too much money.  I thought about just painting the logo on; but I decided a plastic 3D emblem would look much better.  The idea was to make a nice badge, much like what you would find on old radios.

company logo

I decided to use the laser cutting services from Ponoko.  The process is fairly simple.  Draw up your design in Inkscape.  Cut and paste the design into one of the Ponoko templates.  Adjust your line colors and weights to fit the Ponoko guidelines.  Then upload your design, choose the material, and order your parts. They have a large selection of materials to choose from.  I chose a bright red 0.118" thick acrylic sheet.

Ponoko template in Inkscape

Turnaround time was a bit slow.  It was 15 days before Ponoko even made my order.  It was a bit nerve wracking waiting as I had no idea how everything would turn out.  All that worry was for nothing as Ponoko delivered exactly what I expected.  To attach the emblems, I used heavy duty double sided tape for smooth surfaces or glue for rough surfaces or fabric.

Cut panel as delivered

I am very happy with the results.  The emblems look great on vintage electronics; exactly how I pictured it. The prices aren't too bad.  These cost me $35.46 including shipping.  I fit 49 pieces on one 7" x 7" sheet, so the cost per part was only $0.72.  Now that the design is on file, I can order more at any time in a multitude of colors.  It adds nothing to the function of my projects, but it does give things the professionally produced look I was going for.  I have plans to place another order for a slightly different design.  I'll post about them when they are made.

rebranded radio

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