Friday, November 22, 2013

Hideaway Book

You'll never find my stash!

I've always wanted a hideaway book.  I don't know why, it's probably not the best hiding place.  But it seemed like a fun project and a good use for an unwanted book.

I searched my bookcase and found an old dictionary.  The internet has pretty much made printed dictionaries obsolete, so why not do something useful with it.  I started by sealing all of the edges together with Mod Podge.  I weighed it down while it dried.

sealed the edges

Laid out the cut.
Then I started cutting.  At first, I used a hobby knife.  The cuts were nice and clean but it was taking forever.  So finally I got lazy and broke out my Fein Multimaster.  I used an E-Cut saw blade to slice through the pages.  The cuts weren't that clean (dull blade didn't help) but it was fast.

Started out nice and clean...

...finished ugly.  Hopefully, no one will ever see the inside ;-)

Once I had the book hollowed out, I vacuumed out the debris and sealed the edges with more Mod Podge. To hold the book closed, I used a pair of neodymium magnets.  I drilled a hole and epoxied one magnet in the hole and the other magnet to the cover.  The magnets are strong enough to hold lots of weight.

magnet set in pages

Back in the bookcase it goes.  Now if only I owned anything of value to put in it...

My secret is safe.

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