Monday, April 14, 2014

LCD HD Television Repair

working again

My inlaw's Vizio V037L FHDTV10A stopped working. When you turned it on, the picture would come on for a few seconds, then disappear. You could still hear the audio, but there was no video regardless of input. After some online research, it seemed like the backlight inverter board was to blame.

I found a used but guaranteed replacement on ebay for $16.30 with free shipping. For that price, even if I was wrong about the diagnosis, it was worth the risk.

remove the back cover

backlight inverter is in the lower left corner


remove top cover

remove inner cover

replace board and 4 wires

The entire process was very easy; it took less than 15 minutes total.  Note: if you look closely the boards are not the same. There are about three different part numbers that will work.  They are Phillips 6632L-0490A, 6632L-0504A, and 6632L-0506A. Buy whatever is available or cheapest.

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