Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paracord Cobra Bracelet

cobra pattern paracord bracelet

After making my paracord pouch, I realized that my 9 year old daughter would really enjoy making things with paracord.  I figured a bracelet would be the perfect beginner project.  Easy to do and what young girl doesn't love bracelets?  So I picked out some colors of paracord that I thought she would like and some small buckles at Michaels.  I showed her the first weave and then she took over.  In no time she was weaving the paracord like a pro.  Here's how we did it.

First cut 4 feet of each color of cord.  Then fuse the two pieces of cord together by melting the ends.

Loop one end through one of the buckles.

String the cord through the other buckle and wrap the cords around your wrist to measure.  Tie the buckle to the cords with overhand knots.

Ready to weave.

She wanted purple down the middle with pink lines down the sides.  Whatever color you want down the middle is the color you start with each time.

The purple cord is laid across the bracelet.

The pink cord goes over the purple, behind the bracelet, and through the loop from the back.

Pull the cords tight.

after several passes
Continue, repeating the same sequence each time.  Purple over the front of the bracelet, pink under the bracelet.

Repeat until you reach the other buckle.

To finish just trim the ends leaving about 1/8".  Then melt the ends with a lighter and use the metal part of the lighter to push the melted cord against the bracelet.  This mushrooms the end of the cord and melts it to the surrounding cord so that it can't pull through.  That's it.  Enjoy your new bracelet.

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